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Re-Roofing Material

Roofing solutions  is the perfect choice for new homes and is ideal for re-roofing existing homes. We use only high tensile sheeting which is popular Australia wide, with its timeless advantages of high strength, adaptability and good looks.

Its practicality and versatility enables it to blend easily with a wide range of architectural styles - Contemporary, Colonial, Federation, Country, Traditional. For re-roofing applications, Bluescope Lysaght is the only choice. It retains the attractive, original look of the home, whilst enhancing the overall appearance of the property with the choice of fashion colours available.

Importantly we have your roofing sheets rolled to the exact lengths required. This eliminates unsightly end laps and the inherent moisture factor which caused problems in older style roofs. Today, with a wide choice of high fashion colours available we are able to make the difference between an ordinary home or an
 outstanding home.